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# Platform Id Question Name
1Leetcode110Balanced Binary Tree
2Leetcode669Trim a Binary Search Tree
3Leetcode572 Subtree of Another Tree
4Leetcode671Second Minimum Node in a Binary Tree
5Leetcode111Minimum Depth of Binary Tree
6Leetcode897 Increasing Order Search Tree
7Leetcode977Squares of a Sorted Array
8Leetcode112Path Sum
9Leetcode543Diameter of binary tree
10Leetcode509Fibonacci Number
11Leetcode101Symmetric Tree
12Leetcode145Binary Tree Postorder Traversal
13Leetcode94Binary Tree Inorder Traversal
14Leetcode563Binary Tree Tilt
15Leetcode404Sum of Left Leaves
16Leetcode226 Invert Binary Tree
17Leetcode872 Leaf-Similar Trees
18Leetcode1Two Sum
19Leetcode100Same tree
20Leetcode700Search in a Binary Search Tree
21Leetcode617Merge Two Binary Trees
22Leetcode144Binary Tree Preorder Traversal
23Leetcode965Univalued Binary Tree
24Leetcode104Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
25Leetcode206Reverse a linked list
26Leetcode707Design Linked List
27Leetcode237Delete Node in a Linked List
28Leetcode876Middle of the Linked List
29Codeforces4CRegistration system
30Leetcode575Distribute Candies
31Leetcode575Distribute Candies
32Leetcode242Valid Anagram
33Leetcode136Single Number
34Leetcode389Find the difference
35Leetcode781Rabbits in a Forest
36Leetcode771Jewels and Stones