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# Platform Id Question Name
1leetcode53 DPMaximum Subarray
2leetcode53 DP House Robber
3leetcode638 DPShopping Offers
4leetcode983 DPMinimum Cost For Tickets
5leetcode931 DPMinimum Falling Path Sum
6leetcode877 DPStone Game
7leetcode338 DPCounting Bits
8Assignment SPOJ3BABTWR - Tower of Babylon
9Assignment SPOJ2 BRIDGES
10leetcode287 ArrayFind the Duplicate Number
11leetcode670 ArrayMaximum Swap
12leetcode80 ArrayRemove Duplicates from Sorted Array II
13leetcode162 Array Find Peak Element
14Assignment1 DPRod Cutting Problem
15leetcode70 DPClimbing Stairs
16leetcode673 DPNumber of Longest Increasing Subsequence
17leetcode75 ArraySort Colors
18leetcode153 ArrayFind Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array
19leetcode873 ArrayLength of Longest Fibonacci Subsequence
20leetcode62 Array Unique Paths
21leetcode414 ArrayThird Maximum Number
22leetcode581 Array Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray
23leetcode55 ArrayJump Game
24leetcode667 ArrayBeautiful Arrangement II
25leetcode495 ArrayTeemo Attacking
26leetcode238 String Product of Array Except Self
27leetcode442 Array Find All Duplicates in an Array
28leetcode532 Array K-diff Pairs in an Array
29leetcode605 ArrayCan Place Flowers
30leetcode88 ArrayMerge Sorted Array
31leetcode230 BSTKth Smallest Element in a BST
32leetcode165 StringCompare Version Numbers
33leetcode48 StringMultiply Strings
34leetcode890 StringFind and Replace Pattern
35leetcode38 StringCount and Say
36leetcode459 StringRepeated Substring Pattern
37leetcode151 StringReverse Words in a String
38leetcode26 ArrayRemove Duplicates from Sorted Array
39leetcode643 ArrayMaximum Average Subarray I
40leetcode747 Array Largest Number At Least Twice of Others
41leetcode35 ArraySearch Insert Position
42leetcode724 ArrayFind Pivot Index
43leetcode53 Array Maximum Subarray
44leetcode746Min Cost Climbing Stairs
45leetcode66 ArrayPlus One
46leetcode27 ArrayRemove Element
47leetcode268 ArrayMissing Number
48leetcode697 ArrayDegree of an Array
49leetcode167 ARrayTwo Sum II - Input array is sorted
50leetcode448 ArrayFind All Numbers Disappeared in an Array
51leetcode283 ArrayMove Zeroes
52leetcode485 ArrayMax Consecutive Ones
53leetcode214 StringShortest Palindrome
54leetcode32 StringLongest Valid Parentheses
55leetcode537 StringComplex Number Multiplication
56leetcode345 StringReverse Vowels of a String
57leetcode541 StringReverse String II
58leetcode551 StringStudent Attendance Record I
59leetcode434 StringNumber of Segments in a String
60leetcode443 StringString Compression
61leetcode819 StringMost Common Word
62leetcode606 StringConstruct String from Binary Tree
63leetcode383 StringRansom Note
64leetcode13 StringRoman to Integer
65leetcode521 StringLongest Uncommon Subsequence I
66leetcode804 StringUnique Morse Code Words
67leetcode229 StringUnique Email Addresses
68leetcode686 String Repeated String Match
69leetcode824 StringGoat Latin
70leetcode557 StringReverse Words in a String III
71leetcode344 StringReverse String
72leetcode790 StringTo Lower Case
73leetcode125 StringValid Palindrome
74leetcode58 String Length of Last Word
75leetcode14 StringLongest Common Prefix
76leetcode680 String Valid Palindrome II
77leetcode20 : StringValid Parentheses
78leetcode814Binary Tree Pruning
79leetcode652Find Duplicate Subtrees
80leetcode236Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree
81leetcode513Find Bottom Left Tree Value
82leetcode572 Subtree of Another Tree
83leetcode112Path Sum
84leetcode671Second Minimum Node In a Binary Tree
85leetcode110 Balanced Binary Tree
86leetcode111Minimum Depth of Binary Tree
87leetcode101Symmetric Tree
88leetcode543Diameter of Binary Tree
89leetcode563 Binary Tree Tilt
90leetcode104Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
91leetcode617 Merge Two Binary Trees
92leetcode404Sum of Left Leaves
93leetcode222 Count Complete Tree Nodes
94System DesignQ.3Mungeri Lal medicine shop
95System DesignQ.2Registration system
96System DesignQ.1Phone directory
97leetcode226Invert Binary Tree
98leetcode100Same Tree
99leetcode141Linked List Cycle
100leetcode23Merge k Sorted Lists
101leetcode25 Reverse Nodes in k-Group
102leetcode61Rotate List
103leetcode143 Reorder List
104leetcode138Copy List with Random Pointer
105System DesignLinked List 5Linked List 5
106System DesignLinked List 4Linked List 4
107System DesignLinked List 3Linked List 3
108System DesignLinked List 2Linked List 2
109System Design1Linked List 1
110leetcode19Remove Nth Node From End of List
111leetcode86Partition List
112leetcode24Swap Nodes in Pairs
113leetcode725Split Linked List in Parts
114leetcode203Remove Linked List Elements
115leetcode83Remove Duplicates from Sorted List
116leetcode21Add Two Numbers II
117leetcode817Linked List Components
118leetcode445Merge Two Sorted Lists
119leetcode160Intersection of Two Linked Lists
120leetcode299Bulls and Cows
121leetcode274 H-Index
122leetcode3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters
123leetcode452 4Sum II
124leetcode632Smallest Range
125leetcode149Max Points on a Line
126leetcode237Delete Node in a Linked List
127leetcode876Middle of the Linked List
128leetcode206Reverse Linked List
129leetcode554Brick Wall
130leetcode692Top K Frequent Words
131leetcode525Contiguous Array
132leetcode560Subarray Sum Equals K
133leetcode676Implement Magic Dictionary
134leetcode781Rabbits in Forest
135leetcode347Top K Frequent Elements
136leetcode451Sort Characters By Frequency
137leetcode1Two Sum
138leetcode290Word Pattern
139leetcode219Contains Duplicate II
140leetcode205 Isomorphic Strings
141leetcode645Set Mismatch
142leetcode349 Intersection of Two Arrays
143leetcode693Binary Number with Alternating Bits
144leetcode690Employee Importance
145leetcode136Single Number
146leetcode217Contains Duplicate
147leetcode387First Unique Character in a String
148leetcode599Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists
149leetcode350Intersection of Two Arrays II
150leetcode202Happy Number
151leetcode720Longest Word in Dictionary
152leetcode463Island Perimeter
153leetcode389Find the Difference
154leetcode447Number of Boomerangs
155leetcode349Intersection of Two Arrays
156leetcodearjmnnit575. Distribute Candies
157leetcodearjmnnit Valid Anagram
158leetcodearjmnnitKeyboard Row
159leetcodearjmnnitUncommon Words from Two Sentences
160leetcodearjmnnitJewels and Stones
161leetcodearjmnnitLongest Palindrome