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# Platform Id Question Name
1Leetcode53Maximum Subarray
2Leetcode70Climbing Stairs
3Leetcode198House Robber
4Leetcode300Longest increasing subsequency
5Leetcode45Jump Game 2
6Leetcode162Find Peak Element
7Leetcode7`8Maximum Len of repeated subarray
8Leetcode55Jump Game
9Leetcode62Unique Path
10Leetcode55Jump Game
11Leetcode543Diameter of Binary Tree
12Leetcode124Maximum sum path
13Leetcode532K difference pair
14Leetcode581Shortest unsortest subarray
15Leetcode605Can place flowers
16Leetcode219Contains duplication
17Leetcode88Merge Sorted array
18Leetcode448Find all numbers disappeared in array
19Leetcode283Move Zeroes
20Leetcode485Maximum Consecutive Ones
21Leetcode447Number of Boomerang
22Leetcode554Brick Wall
23Leetcode451Sort characters by frequency
25Leetcode43Multiply Strings
26Leetcode165Compare Version Numbers
27Leetcode49Group Anagrams
28Leetcode1Two Sum
29Leetcode645Set Mismatch
30Leetcode151Reverse words in a string
31Leetcode202Happy Number
32Leetcode409Longest Palindrome
33Leetcode575Distribute Candies
34Leetcode884Uncommon Words from two Strings
35Leetcode389Find the difference
36Leetcode748Shortest Completing Word
37Leetcode136Single Number
38Leetcode349Intersection of Two Arrays
39Leetcode20Valid Paranthesis
40Leetcode235LCA in BST
41Leetcode98Validate BST
42Leetcode500Keyboard Row
43Leetcode387First Unique Character in String