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# Platform Id Question Name
1leetcode283Move Zeroes
2leetcode268 Missing Number
3leetcode238Product of Array Except Self
4leetcode219Contains Duplicate II
5leetcode217 Contains Duplicate
6leetcode216Combination Sum III
7leetcode189Rotate Array
8leetcode167Two Sum II - Input array is sorted
9leetcode162Find Peak Element
10leetcode153Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array
11leetcode122Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II
12leetcode88 Merge Sorted Array
13leetcode80Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II
15leetcode75 Sort Colors
16leetcode66Plus One
17leetcode62Unique Paths
18leetcode53Maximum Subarray
19leetcode35Search Insert Position
20leetcode27Remove Element
21leetcode163Sum Closest
22leetcode1 Two Sum
23leetcode32 Longest Valid Parentheses
24leetcode273Integer to English Words
25leetcode686Repeated String Match
26leetcode929Unique Email Addresses
27leetcode824 Goat Latin
28leetcode709To Lower Case
29leetcode680Valid Palindrome II
30leetcode606Construct String from Binary Tree
31leetcode557Reverse Words in a String III
32leetcode551. Student Attendance Record I
33leetcode541 Reverse String II
34leetcode521 Longest Uncommon Subsequence I
35leetcode520Detect Capital
36leetcode459Repeated Substring Pattern
37leetcode443String Compression
38leetcode434Number of Segments in a String
39leetcode387First Unique Character in a String
40leetcode383 Ransom Note
41leetcode345 Reverse Vowels of a String
42leetcode344Reverse String
43leetcode58Length of Last Word
44leetcode49Group Anagrams
45leetcode38Count and Say
46leetcode20Valid Parentheses
47leetcode14 Longest Common Prefix
48leetcode13 Roman to Integer
49leetcode543Diameter of Binary Tree
50leetcode563Binary Tree Tilt
51leetcode617 Merge Two Binary Trees
52leetcode129Sum Root to Leaf Numbers
53leetcode226 Invert Binary Tree
54leetcode101Symmetric tree
55leetcode100Same Tree
56Backtracking_Assignment2sum in combination or not (with repetition)
57Backtracking_Assignment1sum in combination or not
58leetcode881Boats to Save People
59leetcode948Bag of Tokens
60leetcode455Assign Cookies
61leetcode392Is Subsequence
62leetcode452Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst Balloons
63leetcode435 Non-overlapping Intervals
64leetcode817Linked List Components
65leetcode61 Rotate List
66leetcode61 Rotate List
67leetcode21. Merge Two Sorted Lists
68leetcode876 Middle of the Linked List
69leetcode430 Flatten a Multilevel Doubly Linked List
70leetcode237 Delete Node in a Linked List
71leetcode206Reverse Linked List
72leetcode141Linked List Cycle
73leetcode160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists
74leetcode24Swap Nodes in Pairs
75leetcode234Palindrome Linked List
76leetcode328Odd Even Linked List
77leetcode203Remove Linked List Elements
78leetcode142Linked List Cycle II
79leetcode86Partition List
80leetcode82Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II
81leetcode83 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List
82leetcode25Reverse Nodes in k-Group
83leetcode19Remove Nth Node From End of List
84delete duplicate nodes
85print value at position multiple of k
86find max and min
87reverse a list
88deletion in a linked list
89insertion in linked list